Glīd (pronounced “glide”) will increase road safety and decrease traffic by removing as many semi-trailers and shipping containers from the road as possible, for as much of the cargo’s route as possible. 

Glīd will reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint by reducing the need for diesel fuel by being fully electric or hybrid. 

Glīd will help with labor shortages by shipping longer stretches of routes by rail, which will allow truck drivers to focus on shorter routes enabling them to go home at night more frequently. 

Glīd will allow both train and trucking companies to make additional revenue streams. This is accomplished by paying rail companies for unused rail time, and paying trucking companies almost the same amount of profit as if they shipped their cargo themselves, yet their truck and driver will be operating somewhere else making money at the same time.


The only patented solution that allows you to move a fully loaded semi-trailer or shipping container from the road to the rails without diesel or a driver. Introducing the NEW form of intermodal shipping. Glīd. 




Each Glīder is built with cutting edge autonomous software that has been around for decades. Because our Glīders only operate on private property, there are no issues with level 5 government regulations.


The rising costs of diesel have drastically disrupted the financials of trucking companies. Each Glīder of ours can be fully electric with a much further range capacity than vehicles driving over the roads. Additionally, we have diesel/electric hybrid options as well.


Shipping over the rails can be cheaper but congested ports or yards where loading and unloading occur creates bottlenecks that decrease speed and efficiency of moving goods. Each Glīder has the ability to move on and off the rails before they reach these ports which can drastically reduce travel time.


Our Glīders will meet safety standards and expectations set by the rail authorities. In addition, removing semi-trucks and trailers from off the roads will make our roads safer for everyone.


Each Glīder is designed to carry a fully loaded semi-trailer (60,000-80,000 lbs) without any modifications to the trailer, on paved asphalt, cement, gravel or dirt and then transition to the rails by deploying full-sized rail wheels. While Glīd is focused on moving dry van or reefer semi trailers (35-47% of the total semi trailer market), Glīd will also be able to carry intermodal shipping containers. Once on the rails, our Glīders will be able to travel at train speeds of up to 70-80 Mph

Since our Glīders won’t travel over the road (yet at least…), their ability to carry weight drastically increases. A fully loaded train car can carry anywhere from 286,000 to 315,000 lbs. Since that is drastically more than a semi trailer can carry over the road, there is a lot of capacity to add battery storage on our Glīders without reducing the amount of cargo they can carry. In addition, when metal rail wheels hit metal tracks, friction is reduced which increases the range of our batteries.

Each Glīder will be equipped with tested and proven autonomous software and technology that will enable them to autonomously connect to the king pin and rear axel of a semi-trailer and then drive from our private lots and onto the rails, without ever needing a driver. Once on the rails, many of the hurdles over the road vehicles face with autonomous software is removed, making operation of our Glīders safer. Glīders will be operated from a central command center where human operators can remotely take over at any given time.

Executive Team

Kevin Damoa- CEO, Co-Founder

Tony Petraberg-CTO

Craig Woolridge- COO

Board of Directors

Edgar Smith Jr.- Director

Jonathan Webb- Director

Chad MacKay- Director


Monica Monroe-Legal Advisor

Michael Murray-RailRoad Advisor

Luke Uransel- Advisor

Greg Osborne-Advisor

Mike Leboki-Advisor